RAPIDx is a decentralized network of collaborative contracting cells across the Air Force that specialize in sustaining both innovation and emergent technologies. Our mission is to achieve unity of effort between internally relevant procurement professionals and externally relevant solutions that immediately bolster business agility across a broader DoD and economic spectrum.

Background: This all started as a question: How can we get contracts to small emerging technology firms in a quick fashion? We believe the key is allowing our grassroots experts to identify and employ collaborative mobile software applications, data analysis applications and techniques, business process automation, and targeted education/development in relevant economic defense and industrial sector intelligence. These have become key capabilities that will modernize the contracting force to grow and sustain the nation’s Air and Space technology industrial base.  

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  • Engage with your local Spark Cell to start a RAPIDx cell
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RAPiDx Team Point of Contacts (POC)

Mr. Michael Piller
Acquisition Advisor, SAF/AQCKR/RAPiDx
Co-Founder, RAPIDX
[email protected]

Lt Col Chase Eiserman
Acquisition Advisor, SAF/AQCKR
Co-Founder, RAPIDX
[email protected]

Derrick B. Thomas, GS-14, USAF
Flight Chief, 82 CONS/PKA/RAPiDx
DSN: 736-5180 Comm: 940-676-5180
[email protected]

Section Chief, 82 CONS/PKAA/RAPiDx
DSN: 940-736-1605 Comm: 940-676-1605
[email protected]