5900military, civilian and contractor personnel
81900joint trainees annually
9200dependents and retirees
2317facilities and four runways on 5,736 acres

Business Solutions

We deliver innovative and strategic business solutions to include everything from aerospace systems such as satellites, electronics, and high-performing aircraft deployed directly to the warfighter to commercially available supplies and services.

Business Leaders

Air Force Contract Specialists are at the forefront of leveraging quantitative skill sets to analyze proposals, negotiate, execute and administer contracts to fly, fight, and win in air, space, and cyberspace.

Worldclass Support

At the 82d Contracting Squadron, a key aspect of our mission is to seek out innovative and reliable vendors that desire to partner with us in an effort to meet those mission requirements.

Invest yourselves in becoming an expert first, and understand the mission you are supporting.

Major General Cameron Holt, DAS(C)